Who we are

We are a caffeine fuelled household, creative problem solvers and passionate about making a positive impact on our community.

We started Acuratore to address a gap we saw in the online market for specialty coffee. We want to create a store that features roasters from across the country, passionate not only about their beans but also care about how these beans are grown, the wellbeing of the farmers and their extended families, ensuring that sustainable farming practices are in use and that there is supply chain, origin and price transparency for the end consumer.

Our site is intentionally simple, intuitive and informative. Searching for your favourite coffee is easy but if you want to leave it all to chance, allow us to delight you via our Select subscription. We hope this curated selection of coffees appeals to you and your taste preferences, and that you keep coming back to explore new products on offer.  

Welcome to acuratore.com: curated coffee, crafted with care.

Silvia and Paul