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Marvell St Coffee Roasters

Inyer Estiven Colombia

Inyer Estiven Colombia

Nectarine, Marmalade, Toffee

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Inyer Estiven, a youthful and passionate coffee producer from Buenos Aires, a picturesque farm in Planadas, Colombia, has been steeped in coffee culture since childhood, learning from his parents.

Motivated by the potential for better prices, he embarked on specialty coffee production, focusing on improving his farm's infrastructure and introducing new varietals for higher quality.

His farm operates meticulously, starting with careful selection of ripe cherries, followed by a 24-hour soak and a 36-hour fermentation in concrete baths. The coffee is then washed and dried under cover for about 12 days, depending on the weather.

For Inyer, his farm is not just his business but his family's livelihood, driving him to excel every day.

  • Region: Plandanas
  • Country: Colombia
  • Elevation: 1,470 masl
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Processing: Washed
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  • Roast Profile

    Roast Level
    Brewing methods recommended
    Pour over Drip coffee Aeropress French press
    Single origin Single Origin
    Best served Black Best served Black
  • Brewing Guide

    Recipe for Pour over

    1 : 16.6

    brew ratio


    ground coffee


    brewed coffee


    brewing time


    brewing temp.

    This is our general recipe for pour over filter brews. You may want to experiment with this recipe to tailor your brew to your taste preference.

    Source: Acuratore
  • Taste Profile

    Rich & Syrupy Rich & Syrupy
    Tasting Notes

    Nectarine, Marmalade, Toffee


Marvell St Coffee Roasters

Marvell St select and roast coffees that are balanced, naturally sweet and free of defects, believing in minimal intervention, both on the farm level, and when roasting the raw green product. This philosophy leads them to buy the best quality coffee from Central and South America, West Africa as well as locally from Byron Bay. On a community level, they support businesses that operate with a shared intent to benefit the local community and environment.  

As a growing company they are conscious of their impact on the environment, and try to make as little impact as possible. They use a Loring Smart roaster designed to be extremely efficient and low emission. They hand deliver local orders in reuseable buckets saving about 250,000 coffee bags yearly from going into landfill. Their retail coffee bags are 100% recyclable and they make their shipping satchels from the materials their green beans are stored in. 

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