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Layo Teraga (Natural) - Ethiopia

Layo Teraga (Natural) - Ethiopia

Black berries, Raisin Toast, Cashews

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Location: Adelaide, SA

Monastery Coffee process orders on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Coffee is always shipped within 7 days of roasting.

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This coffee was produced by smallholder producers living in the Layo Teraga kebele (town or village) of the Uraga woreda (administrative district) in Ethiopia’s Guji zone. Ripe cherries were delivered by more than 700 producers to the Layo Teraga washing station. The station is owned by Yohanis Tefera, and is a vertically integrated partner of SNAP Specialty Coffee.

Local farmers grow landrace and locally selected varieties. Cherries are manually harvested before being delivered to the washing station. This lot underwent traditional Natural processing.

This coffee was sourced from SNAP Specialty Coffee. SNAP was established in 2008 by Negusse Debela in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. The company operates three washing stations in the Gedeo zone, and are partnered with additional washing stations in Guji and West Arsi. 

  • Region: Guji
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Elevation: 2,200 masl
  • Variety: Local Landraces
  • Processing: Natural
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  • Roast Profile

    Filter Filter
    Roast Level
    Brewing methods recommended
    Aeropress Pour over Drip coffee French press
    Best served Black Best served Black
  • Brewing Guide

    Recipe for Pour over

    1 : 15

    brew ratio


    ground coffee


    brewed coffee


    brewing time


    brewing temp.

    This is our standard recipe for pour over filter brews using a 2 cup brewer. For larger sized brewers, increase the ground and brewed coffee weights using the same brew ration.

    Source: Acuratore
  • Taste Profile

    Balanced & Aromatic Balanced & Aromatic
    Tasting Notes

    Black berries, Raisin Toast, Cashews

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Monastery Coffee are a small batch roaster of traceable coffee, based in Adelaide, South Australia.

As a roaster, Monastery Coffee feel it is their role to firstly, roast only to preserve and highlight the individual qualities inherent in each coffee due to the meticulous work of the producers, and secondly, to make sure the consumer knows who the producers are and where the coffee came from.

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